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We provide all forms of concrete polishing services to achieve the look and feel you like.  There is nothing quite like that smooth wet reflective look achieved with polishing concrete.  Canberra homes with the modern contemporary look, really suit the look you get from a concrete polishing.  Increase the value and appeal of your home with a professionally polished concrete floor finish.

Your options with Polished Concrete:

If you have already made up your mind and intend on polishing your newly poured concrete floor, then make sure you research your array of options with polished finishes.

  • Stunning polished concrete effects are achieved with the clever application of aggregate to the concrete mix or 'seeded' to the top layer of the concrete mix, so the grinding and polishing process exposes the aggregate.
  • Integrally coloured concrete can be used.
  • You can even apply beautiful coloured aggregate to the concrete mix or seeded into the top layer of the concrete mix. The polishing process will reveal these aggregate.
  • Glass is a popular choice of an aggregate mix which can be seeded into the concrete mix to provide a bit of colour and texture. The grinding and polishing process exposes the glass pieces for an amazing aggregate effect.
  • All of these aggregate materials can be mixed together or placed in a pattern to great a unique and stunning polished concrete flooring pattern and texture.

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Polished Concrete Benefits and Disadvantages:

Polished Concrete Functional Benefits:

  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Impact Strength
  • Light Reflectivity
  • Will not lift, flake or peal
  • Non-porous surface, therefore it will not absorb split liquids
  • Resistant to tyre marks from forklift machinery and other machinery traffic
  • More abrasion resistant than unfinished concrete
  • Installation requires no cure schedule


Polished Concrete Financial Benefits:

  • Lower initial costs compared to most other floor surfaces/coverings
  • One single application with minimal maintenance
  • Long life
  • Increase property value


Polished Concrete Environmental Benefits:

  • Dry, dust-controlled equipment filters out 99.9% of all airborne dust
  • No coating, urethane, waxes or topical coatings applied
  • No application odours


Some disadvantages of polished concrete can be:

  • Polishing concrete is not good for a surface that has been severely damaged or is very uneven.
  • May stain easier than most other decorative concrete options.

No matter how small the job we can help with all polished concrete. Canberra and Queanbeyan homes have never looked better, with our stunning polished concrete flooring solutions.

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