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Date:February 11, 2019

House Slabs

House Slabs Canberra

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We have over 20 years experience in Canberra with forming and pouring concrete house slabs.  Canberra homes are subject to some of the most rapid climate changes when compared to the rest of Australia. It’s imperative to make sure you choose the most experienced concrete contractor to pour your house concrete slab.

Make sure you contact us for your next concrete house slab project in Canberra.

We are your local Canberra concrete contractor with over 20 years industry expertise. Our experience and dedication to our work provides our clients with confidence and satisfaction everytime.

Our concrete slab services for Canberra/Queanbeyan are listed below:

  • Concrete house slabs
  • Concrete garage/shed slabs
  • Large and small concrete garden shed slabs
  • Granny flat and all other small or large concrete slab requirements.


How do we prepare for your concrete slab project?

  • PLAN how to place the concrete
  • PREPARE the ground
  • FIX the edge formwork
  • INSTALL service pipes
  • LAY concrete underlay
  • FIX steel reinforcement in the beams
  • FIX steel reinforcement in the slabs
  • PLACE and compact the concrete
  • FINISH the slab surface
  • CURE the concrete slab

For all your concrete slab solutions, contact Nom on

0401 418 996 Contact Us